New York, USA | Published on: May 23, 2014
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IMEI-based factory unlock solution for Orange, EE & T-Mobile UK iPhone 5, 4, 4s, 5s, 5c, 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
New working & Official Ornage / T-mobile / EE Uk iPhone unlock service that is verified and tested by unlockboot iPhone unlock team. We are offering official Orange uk iPhone unlock solution that works for ANY orange / ee uk iPhone including barred or blacklisted deices for the same price. After this unlock your device will be sim-free and can be used with ANY sim card.

Unlock Orange UK iPhone - the Process
The iPhone unlock operation is very simple, and after experiencing it, the unit could be upgraded to any iOS firmware or baseband with no worries. There won’t be any need to worry around the device getting re-locked, since this just isn't a single-time software based solution that contains the device locked again. Read our advanced Orange / EE / T-mobile iPhone unlock guide in order to unlock your Orange UK iPhone using Official iTunes Unlock method.

Supported devices for Orange iPhone Unlock

iPhone models that can be unlocked are:

  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 6 Plus
  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 6
  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 5s
  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 5c
  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 5
  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 4s
  • Unlock Orange UK iPhone 4

Supported IOS firmwares for Orange / T-mobile UK unlock

  • Unlock Orange iPhone iOS 9/8.2 / 7 (all IOS 8 & 7 versions up to iOS 9.1).
  • Unlock Orange iPhone iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3
  • Unlock Orange iPhones iOS 5.1.1 and below

Benefits to Unlock your iPhone Officially

  1. Your Orange iPhone will be Factory Unlocked.
  2. 24 hours unlock delivery timeframe.
  3. You need to give us your imei only (find iPhone imei).
  4. Works with ANY baseband, firmware and device (locked to Orange UK).
  5. Your Apple warranty remains still valid.
  6. You can switch carriers without paying expensive roaming fees.
  7. Increase resale value
  8. You can track your unlock status using our free IMEI Checker
  9. The unlock is applied via iTunes (No risk for damage).
  10. 100% Money back guarantee (read our refund policy).

Steps to Unlock Orange iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 4s or 4:

  • Step 1: Go to the Official Orange UK iPhone Unlock website.
  • Step 2: Find and Send your iPhone's IMEI code.
  • Step 3: Wait for Unlock Confirmation e-mail.
  • Step 4: Connect your iPhone to your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Step 5: Start iTunes and you will got message that your iPhone is Unlocked.

Now your Orange / EE or T-mobile UK iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4S or 4 is officially factory unlocked. You can enjoy this benefit and use it on any gsm network in the world. After this process you can easily update your UNLOCKED device to the latest iOS 7 firmware without worrying to be locked again because your iPhone now is SIM-FREE and Unlocked Permanently.

To enjoy all those benefits - visit the Official Orange/EE/T-mobile UK iPhone Unlock Service NOW!

Official Orange UK IMEI Unlock Solutions for ANY Apple iPhone. Our service has unlocked more than 350.000 iPhones in the last 18 months. Get your device working on other sim card and unlocked FOREVER!

— UnlockBoot